2020 Fall Specials

Whether the changing season finds you at home or on the go we have the absolute best self-care options to leave you feeling and looking your best while you stay in or go out.  As the world has been changing and we find ourselves living differently amidst the Covid Pandemic I think we can all agree self-care is so important and a great way to energize ourselves.  Miki has been hard at work finding new ways to help those of you staying at home as well as those of you who are on the front lines and faced with new daily obstacles.  We have everything from ways to manage your stress, combat skin changes due to mask wearing, and as always ways to embrace the new season.  The services and products at Firiel have been carefully selected to accommodate all budgets and to be enjoyed frequently as opposed to needing to save up for a special occasion.

Sauna Healing

Infrared Sauna (Studio session)

Imagine stopping in to savor the peace and tranquility of having the studio all to yourself as you melt away your stress in the privacy of the preheated sauna.  The possible benefits of infrared saunas may include: increased metabolism and optimal body detoxing which can lead to weight loss, improved cardiovascular health, immune system support, calming of the nervous system which can improve quality of sleep and life, and my favorite reason for popping in the sauna is to ease tense and sore muscles. If you find yourself sitting at a desk more than you are accustomed to or maybe a new workout routine has left you sore the sauna will work wonders for you.

This full sprectrum infrared sauna by Clearlight Saunas was specifically designed to provide a healthier sauna experience.

$30 for 30 minutes

Or add the sauna to any treatment $25 for 30 minutes

Enhanced Infrared Sauna Treatment (Studio Session)

During this deluxe sauna treatment Miki will show you an easy yet powerful dry brushing technique you can do followed by a quick and easy lymphatic drainage technique.  The combination of these steps when paired with the sauna not only intensifies the possible benefits of using the sauna but it can stimulate a strengthening of the immune system. As you conclude your sauna session you will use cold refreshing lemon scented towels to wipe your skin focusing on targeted areas to add even more immune system boosting benefits.

$40 for 40 minutes (includes the 30 minute of active sauna time)

Self-Care Sauna Technique (AT HOME VIRTUAL SESSION)

Did you know you can explore the immune system boosting techniques we utilize with our infrared sauna at home?  In this virtual class, Miki will teach you how to turn your own bathroom into a tranquil space where you can practice an easy but powerful dry brushing technique followed by another quick technique to induce lymphatic drainage.  

While you won’t get the benefits of using the infrared sauna you will have an arsenal of techniques and clear steps to turn your own home space into a self-care sanctuary. 

Miki will have a take home kit you can pick up utilizing our no contact outdoor pick up station or she can mail it to you.  In this package you will also receive written instructions outlining this powerful process.  You will also receive a video showing you each step of the process.  If you have questions you can video chat with Miki as well.  Several of the items in your kit can be used again and again and each kit comes with enough product for a minimum of 20 sessions.

$60 for the take home kit with the virtual class

Soul Beauty

Chakra Balancing (Studio Session)

Chakra balancing is a form of energy healing which brings the 7 chakra centers of the body into balance and alignment creating a relaxed feeling.  Miki selects specific essential oils for each chakra based on what you need to help strengthen the treatment and enhance the overall experience for you.

$30 for 30 minutes

Reiki (Studio Session)

Reiki is yet another wonderful and relaxing energy healing experience designed to balance “Life force energy.” Reiki addresses the whole person, mentally, emotionally, physically, inviting relaxation and wellbeing.

$60 for 60 minutes

Chakra Balancing & Reiki blended session 

$75 for 75 minutes

You can also add the blended Chakra & Reiki to any additional treatment for $65

Chakra Balancing (HOME Virtual Session)

Chakra balancing is a form of energy healing which brings the 7 chakra centers of the body into balance and alignment creating a relaxed feeling.  This is something Miki can do with you remotely.  Before your session Miki will have you select a quiet peaceful space in your home.  You might want a favorite blanket or pillow and a glass of water nearby.  She will then call or video call you at the agreed time and guide you through the process of relaxing. Then she will start to rebalance your chakras.  She may share information about certain actions or scents that would help support your energetic body in the upcoming days or weeks for example focusing on healthy sleep or surrounding yourself with lavender.  No matter what comes up during your session you will be left in a state of bliss and calm. This same experience works for the Reiki energy sessions as well.

$30 for 30 minute Chakra Balancing Virtual Session

$60 for 60 minute Reiki Energy Virtual Session

$75 for 75 minute Blended Chakra Balancing & Reiki Energy Virtual Session


Lash lift & Tint (Studio Session)

Give your eyes a stunning makeover by adding a semi-permanent curl to your lashes with the lift while the tint adds color.  This treatment creates a beautiful dark and full lash.  Not only will you be able to lay back and relax for the session it allows some people to forgo mascara all together making it a low maintenance way to feel and look your best.  This can also be a great alternative to lash enhancements.   Repeat every 6-8 weeks for best results.

$75 for 60 minutes

Brow Lamination (Studio Session)

Let’s talk brows. Are your brows out of control and messy looking?  Maybe they are difficult to see? This treatment could be the perfect solution.  Miki uses a process to restructure the brow hairs so that each hair falls into place and stays put creating a fuller, smoother brow.  This process includes a brow wax and tinting as well to help you achieve the brows you desire. For best results repeat every 4-6 weeks.

$75 for 45 minutes

Combo Brow Lamination and Lash Lift with Tint (Studio Session)

$125 for 90 minutes


Pumpkin Facial (Studio Session)

Fall has arrived! Invite the season in with a Pumpkin Facial that will reset your skin from summer and fend off potential dryness.

Pumpkin is chock full of a variety of antioxidants including A & C, a wide range of minerals and powerful enzymes.

This facial is specifically designed to focus on nourishing, hydrating, and plumping the skin!

Cleansing, exfoliation, customized facial masque treatment is all included in this seasonal experience to help you achieve the most complete facial designed specifically for your skin.

$85 for 60 minutes

Pumpkin Facial Kit (AT HOME Virtual Session)

Whether it’s a busy schedule or you have the ability to stay home during this time you can now invite us into your home virtually to achieve your skin care and self-care goals.  Miki will make a custom at home Pumpkin facial kit with each step clearly labeled. 

You can choose to pick up your facial kit in our outdoor no contact product pickup center or we can mail it to you.  This kit will have everything in it to leave you feeling the benefits of a facial from Miki and let you slip into the beautiful fall season.  Miki will also send you an instructional video of how and when to apply each product.  You can also schedule a live virtual facial session with Miki where you can visit with each other as she walks you through the steps to glowing skin.  Now you have the options needed to let us know how we can best support and connect with you.

$65 for 60 minutes

Microchanneling Zen Facial (Studio Session)

Nano technology allows corrective treatment serums to penetrate the skin addressing signs of aging, fine lines and dullness.  Hydrated, plump, and youthful skin can be achieved with this treatment.  Red & Green light photo therapy is included with this treatment to encourage no down time!

$100 for 60 minutes ($25 savings)

$450 for five 60 minute treatments ($175 savings)

Combine the Microchanneling Zen facial with Dermaplaning, which removes all facial hair, for $150 for a 90 minute session.

The Ultimate Facial (Studio Session)

This 2 hour facial combines multiple steps and techniques using different tools to flush the lymph, sculpt the facial and neck muscles, relax the body with a soothing sensory touch.  A repetitive pattern of tools and techniques allows you to sink deeply into bliss while the facial, neck and scalp are brought into balance, leaving you deeply relaxed and a noticeably refreshed look. Some techniques used:

  • A brushing technique to start the bliss
  • Gentle cupping (no red marks) flushes the lymphatic tissue
  • Gua sha stone relaxes and sculpts
  • Rollers to cool and calm the face and penetrate the products deeper
  • Facial massage to stimulate collagen and tone muscles
  • Gentle resurfacing with enzymes and dermafiling
  • Hydrating and plumping masque paired with red light therapy

$150 for 120 minutes

Maskne Treatment (AT HOME Virtual Session)

If you’re experiencing breaks outs related to wearing a mask consider scheduling this treatment with multiple steps specific to healing the breakouts and to support the changes your skin is experiencing. Miki will virtually review your skin care routine and discuss mask usage as well to help you combat this acne in multiple ways.

The treatment includes a cleanse and exfoliating to promote healing and decrease further breaks outs. 

This specific kit by Viktoria DeAnne and it provides enough product for a month of follow up treatments as well to really break this cycle down. With Miki’s guidance she can walk you through each step to ensure you’re receiving the deepest cleanse with the most benefits.

$80 for one month home kit

Maskne Facial (Studio Session)

If you’re experiencing breaks outs related to wearing a mask consider scheduling this treatment with multiple steps specific to healing the breakouts. Miki will review your skin care routine and discuss mask usage.

The treatment includes a cleanse, extractions (cleaning of the pores), high frequency to accelerate healing, LED photo therapy to promote healing and decrease further breaks outs. 

The treatment also includes this one month kit with enough product for a month of follow up sessions you can do at home to rebalance your skin.

$140 for 60 minutes plus the one month take home kit

Micro Needling Facial (Studio Session)

This treatment, while being very popular, actually impacts the skin on the deepest layers and differently than other treatments. Micro needling encourages the best stimulation for rejuvenation causing a deep cascade of new collagen growth. The combination of stem cell serums and the micro needling technique amplify the regeneration process in the skin creating results from the lower layers up. This allows the skin to repair from sun damage, gravity and acne scaring.  For best results repeat every 4 weeks and reassess every 3 weeks.

$225  for 90 minutes

$600 for THREE 90 minute sessions


Advanced Peel Package (Studio Session)

If you are seeing brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, or general signs of aging then this package is for you.  To achieve the best possible results and possibly decrease signs of aging as well as stimulate new skin calls for soft, smooth, youthful skin you will want to schedule each of these treatments 2 weeks apart.

$150 for 3 treatments ($30 savings)

30 minutes every 2 weeks

Gentle Peel (AT HOME Virtual Session)

This AHA Resurfacing Peel Kit by Sanitas is one of the few professional strength kits that is gentle enough for home use.  The peel features lactic acid and clinical doses of Vitamin C and it’s appropriate for all skin types.  This system provides 5 easy to follow steps to exfoliate the skin, reduce visible fines lines, and wrinkles while tightening and toning sagging skin.  You may also experience a reduction in discoloration, a more even skin tone and a smoother skin texture. 

$89 4-6 peels per kit


Silk Hydration Body Treatment (Studio Session)

Are you seeking head to toe hydration, exfoliation and detoxification?  Then this is the treatment for you. Miki uses a combination of exfoliating Chinese herbal granules, essential oils, nourishing body oils, and a blended hydrating full body lotion.  All of which are expertly applied to detox, pamper, and soften your entire body!

You will start by laying down on your stomach on a plush treatment bed. Miki will then mix the herbal granules with your choice of nourishing body oil and essential oils to your back. The granules exfoliate the dead dry skin off and then the oils hydrate and restore the new healthy skin underneath.  A hydrating lotion is then applied to assist in dissolving the herbs to promote a detoxifying supportive and balanced experience. Heat is then applied to the back while Miki applies the same sequence to the arms and legs in a relaxing and soothing manner. Once the back of your body is completely pampered you will lay on your back with one of our famous heated herbal neck wraps. Miki then applies the same steps to your torso, arms and legs with a little more attention to your hands and feet. At this point Miki will draw her attention to apply essential oils that promote a healthy scalp and hair growth to the scalp.  All of the products work harmoniously to promote soft, skin.  You will leave feeling relaxed and hydrated from head to toe.  When possible avoid showering for 8 or more hours to allow the benefits to continue working once you’re home.  

$125 for 60 minutes

As always please contact us to shop virtually and utilize our no contact curbside pick up station.