12 Days of Christmas

Treat your self or someone special to a jade roller and high quality rosehip oil.

Rosehip oil gives wonderful slip on your face while you use your jade roller. Some of the benefits of rosehip oil are hydration, anti inflammatory and it evens out skin tone particularly from sun spots. Use your jade roller once a day or a few times a week to stimulate the lymphatic system and promote circulation in the face and neck. I can show you just how easy this home treatment is via FaceTime or Zoom!

Lymphatic and immune boosting body kit! 

Starting with dry brushing the body with a textured cloth then take a hot shower. After your shower apply the essential body oil and in just a few minutes use the Gua sha tool stimulating an immune response and flush your lymphatic system in the body. The scent of the body oil is luxurious! 

Follow with lemon scented cold towels to the neck and pulse points to lock in this powerful health promoting routine.

This three step hand treatment is a real treat! Lavender scrub removes the rough skin. Warm paraffin gloves deeply hydrate the hands, then follow with some scented lotion!

Lavender scrub, bath bomb and a travel size hempz make for a relaxing bath routine!

Keep this lips soft with a lip scrub, followed with a lip mask and lip balm as you need throughout the day!

10% off of a favorite: Lira eye cream and a gift of hydrating eye mask for a nice home treatment.

This is a new essential oil skin care line with amazing body kits. Scrub, lotion, mist and an essential oil roll on!

Some hydrating pampering. Mix the collagen serum, saturated the cloth mask and apply to face for 20 minutes while you rest! Super hydrating!

Custom 8 step home facial kits with generous amounts of product put together just for you or someone special.

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Miki can zoom or FaceTime you for personal one on one consults or instructions for any kit to guarantee your success in pampering and self care!