Complimentary Consultation

A 30 minute complimentary consult can be scheduled as a new client or as an existing client. During this service Miki will evaluate your skin, review products currently being used during home care, make suggestions for home care and in house treatments to meet your skin care goals. Together we will navigate all the options keeping in mind your lifestyle, budget and level of commitment to your skin care to ensure success.

Facial Treatments

The Ultimate Facial $150 - 2hours

New to Firiel this year!
This 2 hour facial combines multiple steps and techniques using different tools to flush the lymph, sculpt the the facial and neck muscles, relaxing the body with soothing sensory touch. A repetitive pattern of tools and techniques allows you to sink deeply into bliss while the facial, neck and scalp are brought into balance, leaving you deeply relaxed and noticeable refreshed look! Some techniques used:

  • A brushing technique to start the bliss
  • Gentle cupping (no red marks) flushes lymphatic tissue
  • Gua sha stone surprisingly relaxing and sculpting
  • Rollers to cool, calm the face and penetrate products
  • Facial massage to stimulate collagen and tone muscle
  • Gentle resurfacing with enzymes and dermafiling
  • A hydrating plumping masque with red light therapy

Enzyme Facial$95 - 60min

The professional cleansing steps noted above start this facial as well as a combination of professional level enzymes will be applied dissolving excess skin cells followed by a hydrating powerful rejuvenating masque activated by red light photo therapy increasing the results of the treatment and masque, ensuring a more potent response from your skin, but safe year round with no interruption to your daily routine.

Zen Facial$125 per treatment

The Zen Facial is designed to address fine lines, sun spots, and dull looking skin. This is a brand new treatment using the newest technology. Nano technology penetrates the highest quality serums full of nutrition deeply into the skin. The combination of enzymes and serums skillfully applied to your face will plump you up, soften the appearance of lines and have you glowing. Photo therapy ensures the repair and rejuvenation of the skin with no down time. This one hour treatment is also very relaxing and soothing.

The Polisher$95 - 60min

This treatment has become a win win for many skin types. It is combination of powerful treatments rolled into one. This combination is easy on your budget and very powerful too! Miki will expertly prep your skin so that you receive a thorough microdermabrasion treatment followed by serums that specifically target fine lines, wrinkles, that also lighten, tighten, and brighten. The red light therapy may repair and restore normal skin function. The Polisher is a powerful combination of the top known age management treatments.

Custom Facials

Choose from the following or build your own:

Mini Facial

$65 - 45min

Three cleansing steps using the the appropriate products for your skin. The first cleaning step is a physical cleansing step; a scrub that gently removes excess skin cells. The second cleansing step requires a cleansing brush to activate the cleanser of choice working just a little deeper followed by the third cleansing step including steam to hydrate the skin. While the steam is opening the pores and activating the enzyme masque you will receive a pampering hand massage. A professional level masque will be applied to your skin as you rest quietly in the darkened treatment room listening to soothing spa music.

Signature Facial

Add extractions and 15 minutes

$75 - 60min

Deep Cleansing

Add a facial and scalp massage

$95 - 75min

Acne Facial

$95 - 90min




An exfoliating treatment using a diamond tip wand to polish the surface of the skin for a more refined surface.
This treatment may reduce:

  • Fine lines
  • Superficial acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
    • $85 - 60min

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels also exfoliate the skin by dissolving the glue-like bonds that keep dead skin cells attached to the younger cells underneath. Again, that radiant glow will be revealed, allowing the new healthy cells to come forth. Miki will determine and apply the appropriate mixture of chemical compounds or fruit based peels to attain the perfect results for your peel. Alternating microdermabrasion treatments with peel treatments in a series is an effective means to achieve healthier, even skin tones more quickly. This treatment specifically exfoliates and retextures the skin, encouraging the production of new skin cells. Treat yourself to a peel and feel the difference after dead skin cells are removed, leaving your skin healthy and smooth.

$75 to $150 depending on formula - 45min


Microcurrent, also known as Bioelectric Facelift, utilizes low-level electrical probes that mirror the natural current in your facial muscles. It gently exercises and firms those muscles, giving your face a subtle lift. Miki will apply the probes to the skin at specific muscle points, causing tiny contractions in the muscle belly resulting in a tighter, more toned appearance. It is a painless procedure with absolutely no down time afterwards. This treatment is relaxing to the body but uplifting to the face.

Microcurrent(Bioelectric Facelift) tones and tightens the muscles of the face and neck to give you just the lift you need. Miki will apply professional grade serums with potent peptides to increase the efficacy of the treatment. Let the gentle currents exercise the muscles to refresh and revitalize your look!

Full Face - $95 - 60min

Eye Treatment - $40 - 30min


A deep cleanse and a toner prepare the skin for a custom plant stem cell cocktail of ingredients to be applied before the numbing agent. Microchanneling is then performed encouraging collagen growth and the potential in decreasing scarring or uneven skin. Red light photo therapy finishes this treatment to lessen inflammation and promote possible optimal cellular regeneration.

$225 - 1hour


Phototherapy uses light-emitting diodes set at therapeutic wavelengths to activate normal cellular function. It is a great stand alone treatment or it combines beautifully with any other skin service. Red light encourages new cellular growth, especially the structural support cells that produce collagen. Red light assists with normal lymph function and detoxification of the skin and raises the circulation in the skin, which encourages healing by supplying fresh oxygen and nourishment. After a careful cleansing, Miki will apply a custom-blended serum mixture before directing the light panel to the area of the face being treated. The therapeutic wavelengths stimulate healing while penetrating the nutritional serums deep into the skin. This gives the skin nourishment it will need for healing and repair. You will feel relaxed but energized by this sophisticated skin treatment.

Photo therapy will restore balance to your skin by providing necessary energy to the cells so that they may perform optimally. This pampering treatment produces amazing improvements to the function such as collagen stimulation, decreased inflammation, more radiant tone and texture and healthy appearance of your skin.

$85 - 60min


Acne Treatments

Acne is a multifaceted condition that can be lessened with professional assistance. Miki will perform a thorough assessment of the factors affecting your acne, including hydration, nutrition, stress levels and environmental issues that may be impacting your skin. She will design an acne management program that will include strong professional skin care products to be used at home as well as a variety of effective treatments received here to assist your skin in returning to a healthy state.

You will receive a combination of deep cleansing and aggressive facial treatments along with blue/red light therapy, which destroys acne-causing bacteria below the skin and decreases inflammation. This dramatically accelerates healing and restores the skin to its normal blemish-free appearance. This protocol is a safe, non-invasive alternative to Accutane © and oral or topical antibiotics. In addition to these treatments, Miki suggests that you take advantage of the beta peels that she offers. These will assist the skin to exfoliate, which will ease congestion in listless skin and alleviate some acne conditions.

Acne Facial

$95 - 90min

Blue Light Therapy

45 minutes $60

Cleaning of the skin and extractions followed by LED blue light therapy. Blue light therapy is known to eradicate bacteria that resides in the skin that contributes to certain types of acne breakouts. A series of blue light therapy treatments are recommended for best results. (8 weekly treatments are recommended)

Acne Peel 45 minutes $60

A deep exfoliation of the skin using professional grade acids, allowing the skin to return to a healthier condition. Exfoliation of dead skin cells can assist acne prone skin to heal more quickly and prevent new breakouts.

High Frequency 15 minutes $15

Considered a timeless and essential skin treatment this safe, gentle oscillating and oxygenating power of high frequency electrical current has been shown to enhance blood circulation, eliminate toxins and acne-causing bacteria, encourage lymphatic drainage, exfoliate dead skin cells and improve skin care product absorption. The primary action of high frequency current is thermal (heat producing) and is characterized by a high rate of oscillation. Due to its rapid rate of oscillation, high frequency is thought to increase circulation and decrease inflammation, which is crucial in healing a blemish or acne. For a spot or two schedule immediately as a spot comes up for best results but high frequency will also work on those spots that are lingering.


Baby Foot Peel

75 minutes $65

Do you want baby soft feet? Need some pampering too? This potent treatment will alleviate cracked heels, dryness, soften calluses, but it doesn’t stop there. While you rest comfortably in the warm and cozy facial bed Miki will cleanse your face and follow with a lightening, tightening masque. While the mask and baby foot peel work their magic you will be pampered with a relaxing hand and scalp massage. Talk about melting stress away.



$50 - 15 minutes

$100 - 30 minutes

$400 - 60 minutes (full body)

This treatment uses technology that combines high and low radio frequencies to remove the following skin imperfections safely yet effectively:

  • Sun & age spots
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Milia
  • Skin tags
  • Cholesterol (fatty) deposits

Many imperfections can addressed in one session or up to three sessions as results may vary.


Laser Hair Reduction

  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Side burns area


  • Lip and Chin
  • Neck
  • Cheeks


  • Full face
  • Under arms
  • Basic Bikini
  • Forearm

$85 each

  • Moderate Bikini
  • Full arms
  • Full face and neck


  • Brazilian



Laser Hair Removal

  • Full back…
  • Full stomach…
  • Full chest…
  • Full legs…
  • Quote to be given on these body areas

Total Body Waxing

Total body waxing is the temporary removal of unwanted body hair with warm wax, expertly applied to provide you with soft, smooth skin. Monthly appointments will keep you feeling soft and smooth.


  • Brow $20
  • Lip or Chin - $15
  • Lip & Chin - $18
  • Lip & Brow - $25
  • Lip, Chin & Brow - $22
  • Neck - $12
  • Face - $30


  • Half Leg - $50
  • Full Leg - $70
  • Full Leg & Bikini - $85
  • Bikini - $30
  • Moderate Bikini - $50
  • Brazilian - $70
  • Abdomen - $25
  • Underarm - $25
  • Back or Chest $70
  • Forearms - $30
  • Full Arms - $40


Tinting is a safe and effective way to add definition to eyelashes and eyebrows.

Eyelashes30 Minutes $40

Eyebrows15 minutes $20

Eyelashes & Eyebrows 45 minutes $35




  • This sauna is produced by Clearlight Saunas with the safest and latest technology available.
  • It's sanitary (no steam or mildew).
  • Sessions are held at a pleasant temperature-results are achieved at 110-150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Infrared rays penetrate the body at a deep level, resulting in a stronger detox than the traditional wet or dry saunas.
  • There are 30 years of research to verify the results and safety.


  • $1 per minute for 15 or 30 minute sessions.

What to expect & FAQ

  • You will want to drink extra water before and after your session.
  • We will provide water for you during your session.
  • Wear comfortable gym or workout clothes. Socks are optional; you will not wear your shoes into the sauna.
  • You can place your belongings outside of the sauna.
  • It is acceptable to leave on jewelry and hair accessories, however you may want to avoid wearing a watch.
  • You will perspire, so anything that is touching your skin that is sensitive to moisture or heat should be avoided, e.g., watches, monitors, Pedometers, cell phones.
  • It is recommended that you avoid using your phone, tablet, mp3 player, laptop, e-book reader, or similar devices inside the sauna as the heat may damage them.
  • We provide towels for you to sit and stand on as well as hand towels for blotting.
  • If you wear makeup be prepared to do some touch up after your session.
  • We have magazines and books available for use during your session.
  • Our sauna is capable of being used by 2 people at the same time, however we will only schedule one person at a time unless you request a two-person session (e.g., mother/daughter, friends, spouses, etc.)
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult; they may use the sauna alone, but an adult must stay at Firiel during the session.
  • Weekly use is average. We are happy to assist you with your sauna goals.

Usage guidelines

If you are suffering from any health conditions listed below you will want to avoid the infrared sauna.

  • Hemophilia
  • Recent heart attack or stroke
  • Brain tumors
  • Severe aortic stenosis
  • Unstable angina pectoris
  • Lupus erythematosus, if you are on steroids (interferes with blood circulation)

Check with your health care provider before using the infrared sauna if you have:

  • Pacemaker (check with doctor and manufacturer).
  • Pins, rods and other implants, such as cochlear implants (but for sure don’t use the sauna if it causes you pain or other discomfort at the site of your implant).
  • Silicone Implants.
  • Diabetes (for sure start slowly and monitor your blood sugar) If you’re a diabetic and your medical doctor gives you the go-ahead to use the sauna, he’ll also be telling you to check your blood sugar levels to see how body heating affects you them.
  • Medicines applied by skin patches (trans-dermal medication).
  • Past Psychedelic Drug Use: drug residue stored in fat cells may release into the bloodstream while detoxing. Please let us know if you have a history of use so we can monitor your session.
  • If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant or if you are breast feeding please refrain from sauna use.

Cancellation Policy

SCHEDULING: confirmation calls are given as a courtesy and calls are made the day before a scheduled appointment. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to remember your appointment. We respectfully request at least 24 hours notice if you cannot keep your appointment. If less than a 24 hour notice is given, you will be charged in full for the value of the missed appointment. The cancellation charge must be paid in full to reschedule.

TARDINESS: If you are late for your service we reserve the right to adjust the service and/or reschedule the service at your cost to ensure that other appointments for the day can continue.