2019 Specials

All Specials must be purchased by March 31st 2019 but the services purchased do not expire.  Thank you!

1. Zen Facial 60 minutes

$100 per treatment (save $125)

$450 for 5 treatments (save $175)

stand alone or weekly for 5 weeks

The Zen Facial is designed to address fine lines, sun spots, and dull looking skin. This is a brand new treatment using the newest technology.  Nano technology penetrates the highest quality serums full of nutrition deeply into the skin.  The combination of enzymes and serums skillfully applied to your face will plump you up, soften the appearance of lines and have you glowing.  Photo therapy ensures the repair and rejuvenation of the skin with no down time.  This one hour treatment is also very relaxing and soothing.

2. Advanced Peel Package

$150/3 treatments (save $30)

30 minutes each treatment

once every 2 weeks

If you are seeing brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, or general signs of aging then this package is for you.  To achieve the best possible results and possibly decrease signs of aging as well as stimulate new skin cells for soft, smooth, youthful skin you will want to schedule each of these treatments 2 weeks apart.

3. The Polisher

$75 session

60 minutes

every 2-4 weeks

This treatment has become a win win for many skin types. It is combination of powerful treatments rolled into one.  This combination is easy on your budget and very powerful too!  Miki will expertly prep your skin so that you receive a thorough microdermabrasion treatment followed by serums that specifically target fine lines, wrinkles, that also lighten, tighten, and brighten.  The red light therapy may repair and restore normal skin function.  The Polisher is a powerful combination of the top known age management treatments.

4. Pumpkin Facial


60 minutes


This luxurious facial has become a Fall Specials classic.  This crowd pleasing facial will deeply cleanse and refresh your skin by removing the summer congestion caused by extra sunscreen and summer fun.  Not only will the luscious scent of pumpkin put you in the mood for fall, but it will also deliver a large dose of nutrition to your skin.  The active and tingling enzyme in the pumpkin will deeply clean your pores and may leave your skin silky and soft.

5. Baby Foot Peel
$65 (save $15)
75 minutes
monthly or seasonally

Do you want baby soft feet?  Need some pampering too?  This potent treatment will alleviate cracked heels, dryness, soften calluses, but it doesn’t stop there.  While you rest comfortably in the warm and cozy facial bed Miki will cleanse  your face and follow with a lightening, tightening masque.  While the mask and baby foot peel work their magic you will be pampered with a relaxing hand and scalp massage.  Talk about melting stress away.

6. Thermoclear
$50- 15 minutes
$100- 30 minutes
$400- 60 minutes (full body)

This treatment uses technology that combines high and low radio frequencies to remove the following skin imperfections safely yet effectively:

  • Sun & age spots
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Milia
  • Skin tags
  • Cholesterol (fatty) deposits

Many imperfections can addressed in one session or up to three sessions as results may vary.

7. Bio-Electric Facelift (Microcurrent)

$300/ 5 sessions (save $50)

60 minutes each session

weekly to monthly

This relaxing service is commonly referred to as the “Myo” it is quite versatile and can used instead of injections or to enhance injections.

This painless workout is a great treatment to keep your eyes, jawline, and cheeks tight and toned in all the right ways.

You can also pair this with red light therapy (Myo/Photo combo) to help address skin imperfections and encourage calm, healthy skin.  This will increase the treatment time to 90 minutes per session when you add the red light therapy (photo) to the bio-electric facelift (myo) for an extra 30 minutes of bliss.
$400/5 myo/photo combo (save $100)

8. NEW! Peptide Facial!

NEW! Corrective Skin Care Line: VICTORIA DEANN

60 minutes each session

A new corrective facial using layers of peptide concentrated serums to address your skin care concerns in a totally different but powerful fashion.
Multiple layers of serums that assist in proper communication in optimal skin function followed with red light therapy to allow the deepest penetration if the serums.

You will also receive samples of peptides to take home with you.

Be sure to ask Miki about waxing and hair removal options to get you ready for summer of 2019!

Love Miki & Morgan